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 Air Tools, Electric Tools, Hydraulic Equipment
About McBurney Sales











We are a tool and equipment distributor.  We service the products we sell and work with the Industrial, Construction and Automotive markets. We have sold hydraulic equipment used to erect the CN Tower. We were involved in providing equipment for the Olympic Stadium in Montreal and we have consulted on the proper equipment to lift a bridge, raise a roof and even lift a ten-story building faced with marble. We have worked with the University of Toronto...
Our Experience

Our employees had over 100 years of experience with Industrial & Automotive tools and equipment. We sold and serviced air tools, hoists, winches, air motors, DC electric tools, high pressure hydraulics and automotive equipment.  We serviced 90% of the lines we sold. With no family member wishing to take over the business, we sold the assets and closed the business. Working for over 50 years with Customers, Suppliers and Employees was wonderful.

I enjoyed almost every day.

Thank you to everyone.

Founded June 1948 - Closed September 2013

Daryl McBurney - President - Retired