The Smoke-It Wisper produces a fog without heat and without hydro. It comes with all necessary attachments to find a leak quickly. The wisper operates at 1 and 3 PSI up to 15 PSI, if necessary, for those impossible to find leaks.

We are clearing our stock of Smoke-it machines at below cost.

Whisper        950.00

Smoke-it       450.00


The Canvik on the car lathe is caliper mount and has proven to be the choice of most of the major import car manufacturers. You'll see an on the car lathe in many import dealers and they actually use it because it's faster and much more accurate.

1 Demo machine available      3,500.00

1 Lathe Head Only                1,800.00

Strongarm automotive hydraulic equipment. This is one of the most complete, best suported import lines of automotive lift equipment we carry.  We sell and service the line and if required, we can even perform warranty service.

Part of our service offering includes certification of jacks and stands which should be done yearly.  We have test stands suitable for testing hydraulic equipment up to 100 Ton

Ingersoll Rand are one of the largest air tool manufacturers in the world and North America's Leader in tools for the Automotive Trades. We warehouse and distribute most of the tool & hoist product lines that Ingersoll Rand manufacture and we service the products we sell.

We are an Ingersoll Rand Warranty Service Depot and service all major brands of air tools including pulse tools and industrial DC electric tools.

Strongarm Oil Drains -  Remove the oil from the drain plug or through the dipstik.  Pump the oil from the drain to your storage tank with air.

Ingersoll Rand Compressors - IR manufacture one of the leading lines of compressors in the world.  From small portables to huge screw compressors used in the mines and large portables for construction.  We sell the type 30 piston compressors up to 30 HP and Screw Compressors up to 100 HP

We have an Ingersoll Rand Type 30 compressor in our shop that was installed in 1952 -Still Runs

Mondolfo Ferro manufacturers a complete line of high end tire changers and balancers. Competitive price and very high quality are features of this line. MF manufacture some of the very best value " No Flat " tire changers available anywhere

Only Only Near New Balance c/w Motor Bike mounting Kit        2,500.00


Rav Aligner This unit is programable for instant updates for those odd ball vehicles.  If you know the specs, you can use this machine to perform the alignment.  We have even modified the brackets on one so that you could align large trucks

1 Only Was New 18,000.00 Repo 8,500.00


Ravaglioli manufacturer a complete line of Automotive Equipment including hoists, tire changers and balancers. Well priced and excellent quality are features normally associated with this line.

1 Only Near New Balancer Only 1,500.00



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