We are proud to have worked with our suppliers for 65 years. Opened June 1948 Closed Sept 2013

Ingersoll Rand manufactures around the world and produces a complete line of Production Air Tools, Air & Electric Hoists, Air Winches, DC Electric Assembly Tools Air Motors, Air Starters - We sell & service them all.

Compressors?  We've had an IR compressor since 1952 and it runs every day in our shop



Aro is an Ingersoll Rand Division and part of the Tool & Hoist Group.
Aro manufactures Industrial Air Tools, Hoists, Air Motors, Fluid Power Cylinders & Valves along with a top line of Lube Equipment.


Powerteam is a leader in High Pressure Hydraulic Equipment. Cylinders too 500 ton, pumps of all sizes operating at 10,000 PSI. Pullers too 100 ton, Presses up too 200 ton along with Air Bags & Hydraulic Punches are among the many items manufactured in the USA.            

Hytec is an SPX company that specializes in Hydraulic Workholding Equipment. Their broad line of Cylinders, Clamps and Pumps operate at 3,000 to 5,000 PSI and are used in an assortment of clamping applications.            

Dustcontrol is a manufacturer of spot dust extraction equipment. Manufactured in Sweden where the environmental regulations are among the most strict in the world, they are leaders in their industry. The equipment is designed to remove the contaminate at the source before it gets into the air we breath.


Proto has long been recognized as one of the leading Hand Tool manufacturers in the world. We stock and sell Proto for the high end market normally required in a Heavy Industrial application. The Proto Tool line is manufactured by Stanley and carries their Lifetime warranty on all defects.



Enerpac - A complete range of quality high force tools for all industrial applications. Pumps of all shapes and sizes from a mini hand pump, medium and high volume electric pumps, air pumps and even the new 28 volt battery operated pump. Cylinders from 1 1/2 ton up to and including a number of 1000 Ton Cylinders.  Single acting, double acting, locking and centre hole cylinders. Enerpac has all the accessories required to do your job and we can help you choose the right products.


Simplex is a quality line of High Pressure Hydraulics along with a comprehensive range of mechanical products.  They include Pumps, Cylinders, hydraulic wrenches and many items suitable for industry and construction.  They also specialize in products for the rail industry.

Jet - When we first sold Jet Tools, it was mainly a hoist company.  Now Jet is so much more.  They manufacture a complete line of hand tools, high quality torque wrenches, air tools abrasives and of course, they still stock their high quality hoists - mechanical, air and electric.                

Milwaukee Heavy Duty Electric Tools are made for the very tough applications. They are normally used by the trades where the best quality and most durable tools are required. Sawzalls, Diamond Drills & Magnetic Bases.  We sell the tools the "Big Box Companies" don't.            

AirSep manufactures oxygen generators for both Automotive and Industrial applications. .Automotive service facilities, fish plants, paper mills and steel plants all have a use for an oxygen generator by AirSep. They also manufacture medical generators that produce air suitable for breathing.

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